Introducing label less bottles

Cumulative domestic sales have exceeded 35 billion units.
Furthermore, in addition to the current products, we are launching labelless bottles.
Originally, bottles can be recycled *
without removing the labels, but as people all over the country enjoy drinking our bottles, we have begun to receive many requests to remove the labels.
In response to these requests, we proceeded with product development, and the labelless bottle (sold only on some online shopping sites) was born.

*For separate collection, please check the rules of your local government.


The innovative new idea of ​​carbonic acid

Oronamin C is famous for “Genki Hatsuratsu!” Its development history goes back 50 years, half a century ago, in 1961. We have to go back in history to Otsuka Pharmaceutical


The secret story behind the birth of the product name Oronamine C

Using the innovative idea of ​​carbonic acid as a starting point for development, we pursued a delicious drink, and in 1965, the innovative carbonated nutritional drink Oronamine C was born. The product name is Oronamin C, a combination of Orona from Otsuka Pharmaceutical ‘s hit product Oronine Ointment, and MinC, which is rich in vitamin C. We took a historic step toward creating a drink that is loved by many people.

This is how we overcame the wall of sales difficulties

Under the policy of reaching out to consumers from close quarters, Oronamin C’s sales staff strive to distribute chilled samples, mainly to existing business partners. However, the company faced difficulties in selling the soft drink Oronamin C through its main sales channel, pharmacies. Therefore, we steadily developed sales routes one by one, such as food retail stores, transportation facilities, hospitals, schools, sports facilities, playgrounds, and bathhouses, which were unexplored at the time.


To make people feel like they want to drink again

In addition to developing a sales network and advertising through enamel signboards and TV commercials, we are promoting the brand at various locations with the idea that If people drink it even once, it will definitely lead to further demand.

Furthermore, people who drink it will recommend it to others.

As a result of communicating the product’s value through sampling, we have created a product that makes customers want to drink it again. An episode that proves this is that in 1965, when Oronamin C was released, a child went to a udon noodle shop in Anan City, Tokushima Prefecture, to buy Oronamin C by himself. This kid is actually the son of the pharmacist across the street. He could have asked his parents for a drink made by another company, but they went out of their way to recommend Oronamin C. In this way, Oronamin C has increased its reputation.


Annual sales exceed 100 million units

In 1970, five years had passed since Oronamin C was released. A mission called Expo Operation was carried out at the Osaka Expo, the first major event in Asia. Inside the venue, Oronamin C is sold at 105 of the 180 shops in total, and outside the venue, sales are being strengthened not only around Osaka but also at various transportation-related facilities from Hokkaido to Kagoshima. The strategy was successful, and two years later, annual sales finally exceeded 100 million units. The efforts of the Expo Operation bore fruit in this way.


Milk? Eggs? Whiskey? A new way to drink

Oronamin C grew with the belief that it would be a drink that would be loved by men and women of all ages and enjoyed by the whole family, but after the Osaka Expo, it became even more popular by proposing new ways to drink it. Oronamin Milk mixed with milk, Oronamin Shake mixed with egg yolk, and Oronamin Whiskey mixed with whisky, etc. have become a hot topic. A commercial from 1972 featuring Kon Omura enjoying an Oronamin C cocktail with his family was also released around this time.


The bold decision that saved us from the oil crisis

In the 1960s, when regular juice cost 35 yen, sales of Oronamin C were strong despite the price of 100 yen. However, the effects of the confusion caused by the oil shock of 1973 also affected Oronamin C. This led to the introduction of the latest production system. By intentionally investing in equipment, we have achieved efficiency and absorbed the cost increase due to the rise in raw material prices. Despite the adverse circumstances that forced us to raise our prices, we managed to maintain our prices admirably.


Brown bottles travel around the world

A uniquely shaped brown bottle symbolizing Oronamin C. Some of you may have seen this brown bottle overseas. In fact, it has already been sold in Middle Eastern countries such as Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, and Kuwait since 1985. It is widely loved as a major drink in the UAE.


Cap changed with safety and convenience in mind

The crown-style cap used at the time of release was changed to a screw type in 1971. However, in response to the incident of foreign object contamination that caused an uproar in the world, in 1986 it was changed to a maxi type that cannot be reclosed once opened. At the time, most small-capacity bottled drinks were screw type, but the quick change to maxi type was highly praised from many quarters as a move that prioritized customer safety and convenience.


Oronamin C Royal Police is launched 35 years after its release.

When Oronamin C was released in 1965, there was an image that energy drinks were meant to be used when you needed to push your body hard and work hard, but that has changed with the times. Therefore, we began developing a nutritional drink with new added value. Oronamin C Royal is a new product that focuses on maintaining daily health and supplementing vitamins and contains vitamin B1 in addition to royal jelly, propolis, and honey, which are of high interest to middle-aged and elderly people. Police” was born.


Anniversary has been decided as cumulative sales exceed 30 billion units !

May 18, 2011. In the 46 years since its release, Oronamin C has become the first small-volume vitamin-containing beverage in Japan to sell over 30 billion bottles. To commemorate this, we applied for registration with the Japan Anniversary Association and received approval to designate his product name, “Nami Day,” which means his July 3rd, as “Oronamin C Day.” By the way, the application and approval date was May 18, 2011, when the number of copies exceeded 30 billion.


50th anniversary since the release of Oronamin C ! !

To commemorate 50 years since its release, Oronamin C ROYALPOLIS is now even more delicious!


Further expanding overseas expansion! !

Oronamin C has been loved all over the world. Sales began in Indonesia in 2018. Currently, it is being rolled out in nine countries and regions including Japan.

[Countries and regions where Oronamin C is sold overseas]
UAE / Oman / Qatar / Bahrain / Kuwait / South Korea / Hong Kong / Indonesia

An unparalleled long-selling product
that has remained unchanged for over 50 years.

A delicious carbonated energy drink that anyone can drink. The size and form fit easily in your hand. In addition to its beauty, the diamond-cut bottle is designed to prevent it from slipping even when wet. Distinctive product name logo and red label that can be recognized at a glance. Catchphrase “Genki Hatsuratsu!” A unique long-selling product that has remained largely unchanged since its release in 1965. That is Oronamin C.

الأسئلة الشائعة

في أي بلد صُنع شراب أورونامين سي ؟
صنع في اليابان.
ما هي الدول التي يُباع فيها شراب أورونامين سي في الأسواق؟

تم إطلاقه في اليابان في عام 1965. ويباع في العديد من الدول منها 5 دول من دول مجلس التعاون الخليجي منذ عام 1985. ستجده في الإمارات العربية المتحدة، وعُمان، وقطر، والبحرين، والكويت، وكوريا الجنوبية، وإندونيسيا، والصين، وبالطبع اليابان.
You’ll find it in UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, South Korea, Indonesia, China, and of course Japan.

هل هو مشروب طاقة؟

لا، إنه مشروب غذائي يحتوي على الفيتامينات والعسل.

كم زجاجة يمكن شربها يومياً؟

It is healthy nutritional drink, you can drink as much as you want.
إنه مشروب صحي ومغذي، يمكنك تناوله بالقدر الذي تريده. ننصحك بتناوله يومياً للحصول على الجرعة الموصى بها من الفيتامينات الموجودة بداخله.

هل يمكن للأطفال أو النساء الحوامل/المرضعات شرب شراب أورونامين سي؟

نعم، لا مشكلة.