Product of Japan
Product of Japan

Oronamin C  DRINK contains the amount of vitamin C that you need each day as well as vitamin B2, vitamin B6 and honey.

Product Name

Oronamin C Drink

Product characteristics

Oronamin C  has a unique formula enriched with Vitamins & Honey. It has Vitamin C content equivalent to that of 11 Lemon along with Vitamin B2, B3 & B6.

Product History

Oronamin C was launched in Japan in 1965 and has been spreading in more than 10 countries and regions to provide you with the nutrition you need.

1965 Japan
1985 UAE, Oman , Bahrain
2003 Qatar
2004 Kuwait
2024 Egypt

Nutrition Value

Vitamin C 220mg

Vitamin B2 2.4mg

Vitamin B6 4.9mg

Vitamin B3 15mg


Manufactured by

Otsuka Foods Co., Ltd.

Oronamin C

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Frequently asked questions

What country is ORONAMIN C DRINK made in?
It is made in Japan.
What countries is ORONAMIN C DRINK sold in market?

It was launched in Japan in 1965. It’s sold in many other countries 5 of them are in the GCC from 1985.
You’ll find it in UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, South Korea, Indonesia, China, and of course Japan & Egypt

It is an Energy Drink?

No. It is a nutritional drink with vitamins and honey.

How many bottle can be consumed daily?

It is healthy nutritional drink, you can drink as much as you want.
We recommend to have it daily to receive your RDA of the vitamins within.

Can children or pregnant/lactating women drink ORONAMIN C DRINK?

Yes, no problem.